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Waterford Triathlon Club - Hook or By Crook Triathlon


Vodafone National Series Race - Saturday 13th June

This year we are celebrating 10 years of our Hook or by Crook Race, its going to be our biggest and best yet!!  Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.


Race Brief now available to view or download here.



Download this file (Race_Briefing_2015.pdf)Race_Briefing_2015.pdf[ ]2023 kB

Tramore Duathlon 2015

Tramore Duathlon is LIVE....follow the link to enter.

 Tramore Duathlon

Tramore Duathlon 2015

Tramore Duathlon 2015

Click on pdf below for our Race Briefing.

Download this file (Tramore Duathlon Race Briefing.pdf)Tramore Duathlon Race Briefing.pdf[ ]4413 kB

Club Constitution

Waterford Triathlon Club Constitution


Voted on and Ratified on 20/12/2011



  1. Name
    1. The name of the Club shall be Waterford Triathlon Club.
    1. The Club’s colours shall be Red, White & Black
  1. Objects
    1. The objects of the Club shall be to:-

$1                                          i.    encourage the practice and development of triathlon in Waterford and surrounding areas.

$1                                         ii.    provide coaching for club members and to organise and promote competitions.

$1                                        iii.    organise teams to represent the club in triathlon and multisport events, national championships, international championships and in such other competitions as the committee shall decide.

  1. The club shall cater for:-

$1                                          i.    Triathlon

$1                                         ii.    Multisports involving the individual sports of running, cycling and swimming (duathlons, aquathons and other variations)

$1                                        iii.    The individual sports of running, cycling and swimming.

  1. Membership
    1. Membership shall be open to all persons either amateur or professional. The amateur status of non-professional club members shall be protected.

    2. It is mandatory for members of Waterford Triathlon Club to be either full or associate members of Triathlon Ireland, the national governing body for the sport of triathlon in Ireland.  Failure to maintain a membership of Triathlon Ireland (in accordance with the membership policies of Triathlon Ireland), or the withdrawal of membership of Triathlon Ireland from a member of Waterford triathlon Club automatically results in an immediate loss of membership of Waterford Triathlon Club.
    1. Participants in training sessions, club competitions and other club activities must be current members of Waterford Triathlon Club.  The Club Secretary may permit the involvement of guest participants at his / her discretion; such guest participants must, however, be members of Triathlon Ireland or other national governing body.
    1. Each applicant for membership must complete the official application form.  An application for membership is valid for the calendar year in which it is signed, and to continue membership, members are required to renew their membership for each new calendar year no later than 28th February.
    1. Approved persons remain members of the club until the earlier of
      a) such time as they tender a resignation as per Article 10 of this constitution or
      b) they fail to renew their membership as per Article 4.d. of this constitution or
      c) they fail to pay any subscription validly approved under this constitution in accordance with Article 9.b. of this constitution.
    1. The Committee of Waterford Triathlon Club are empowered to withdraw membership from any member of Waterford Triathlon Club.
  1. Equality and Children’s Rights

    Waterford Triathlon Club shall carry out all functions in a manner that promotes equality of opportunity between:

    1. Waterford Triathlon Club shall carry out all functions in a manner that promotes equality of opportunity between:

$1                                          i.    Persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation;

$1                                         ii.    Men and women generally;

$1                                        iii.    Persons with a disability and persons without;

$1                                        iv.    Persons with dependants and persons without.

    1. Waterford Triathlon Club aims to promote the participation of children by:

$1                                          i.    Creating a culture of safety and fun;

$1                                         ii.    Fully subscribing to the following international standards: “Children have the right to be protected from all forms of violence; they must be kept safe from harm, and they must be given proper care by those looking after them” (Article 19; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child);

$1                                        iii.    Asserting the right of Children to be safe. Club officials must ensure that this fundamental principle takes precedence over all other considerations;

$1                                        iv.    Fully subscribing at all times and without variation to Triathlon Ireland’s Code of Ethics for Children.

  1. Management
    1. The management of the Club shall be vested in a committee, comprising members elected to the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer, together with up to five additional members validly elected to the committee, with or without specific functions.  These positions are defined below:

$1                                          i.    Chairperson
The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring the committee operates in the best interest of the club and its members.  Their role is to co-ordinate committee activity to achieve this.  Alongside chairing committee and general meetings, the chairperson will also help out the other committee members where required.

$1                                         ii.    Secretary
The role of the Secretary involves maintaining the database of members, providing information bulletins to members, and circulating meeting minutes from AGMs and committee meetings as required.

$1                                        iii.    Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for accurately recording all financial transactions made by the club and presenting this record in a recognised format to members of the club at the AGM..  The role will involve collecting and recording cash payments from members and sponsors and for issuing and recording payment to suppliers and others as agreed by the committee.  The Treasurer is automatically a co-signatory on any bank or credit card account held in the name of the club.

$1                                        iv.    Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer
The Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the Triathlon Ireland Code of Ethics for Children are implemented fully in the club, and to act as point of liaison between the club and Triathlon Ireland and other Voluntary or Statutory Agencies where appropriate or required by Statute. 

A functioning committee may be formed once each of the above positions are filled by members validly elected to the position in accordance with this constitution.  In addition to the above four positions, up to five additional members may be elected to serve on committee.  It is recommended that additional members be elected for the following roles.

$1                                         v.    Public Relations Officer
The Public Relations Officer (PRO) is responsible for external communications including the club website, promotional posters, issuing local community notices, issuing press releases and race reports to local media, etc.  The PRO will also be the official point of contact for the club (with other clubs, Triathlon Ireland, etc.).

$1                                        vi.    Training Forum

The Training Forum will be responsible for organising group training, including ability groups, pacing, routing and scheduling.  The Training Forum consists of a monthly meeting organized by the Chairperson and attended by at least one of the Club Committee. The Club Committee representative will ensure that the agenda is set and minutes are recorded and distributed to all members of the club.

$1                                       vii.    Social Officer.  
The Social Officer will be responsible for organising official club social events including post-race celebrations, the Christmas party and other events through the year.

$1                                      viii.    and 2 other members.

    1. At least one of the committee should represent the interests of female triathletes.
    1. At least one of the committee should represent the interests of new triathletes.
    1. All of the forgoing shall be elected.  All positions are filled by election at the Annual General Meeting, with each member of Waterford Triathlon Club present having one vote per position. 
    1. Any club member can declare their interest in a position, whereupon they must be proposed and seconded by two members of Waterford Triathlon Club.
    1. Where more than one person nominated for a position, the person deemed elected is the person who receives the most votes.  Where there is only one nomination for election, that person is deemed elected if there is a simple majority of votes in favour of their election over votes against their election.
    1. The elected committee shall remain in office until the Annual General meeting of the following year.
    1. The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies if and when they arise.
    1. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members from time-to-time and for specific projects but co-opted members shall not have a Committee vote.  Co-opted members may attend Committee Meetings upon invitation by the Committee Chairperson or Secretary.
    1. The Committee shall meet at regular intervals as decided by the Chairperson but not less frequently than once in every 3 months in a venue to be decided.
    1. Copies of the minutes of committee meetings should be available to members on request from the Secretary.
  1. Annual General Meeting
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than the 30th November for the purpose of:-

$1                                          i.    receiving the annual report of the committee for the preceding season

$1                                         ii.    receiving the statement of accounts for the preceding season

    1. electing the officers and committee for the ensuing year
    1. considering any amendments to the Constitution and Rules of the Club of which due notice has been given to all members. Any proposed change to the Constitution Rules by a member must be received by the chair or secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting in order that members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal.  At the discretion of the Chairperson, amendments not submitted at least 14 days prior to the AGM may be proposed by any member present at the AGM and voted upon.
    1. At least 28 days notice (in accordance with Article 14 of this constitution) shall be given to members of the date, proposed venue and draft agenda items for the Annual General Meeting.  Notice of the final agenda, incorporating any proposed or amended agenda item, proposed motions, financial statements and a confirmed venue for the AGM shall be given to members at least 48 hours prior to the proposed AGM, and will be available in printed form at the proposed AGM.  The accidental omission to give notice of an AGM to or the non-receipt of notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting.
    1. Each fully signed up member present at the meeting shall have one vote.  No proxy votes will be accepted.
    1. All motions proposed and voted on, and the election of committee members is by simple majority.   Voting will ordinarily be by a show of hands (two ordinary members will be charged with counting hands) except in the case where a member or group of members request a secret ballot.
  1. Affiliations and Sponsorships
    1. The club shall be affiliated to Triathlon Ireland and to such other sporting bodies as the Committee consider appropriate in order to carry out the objects of the Club.

    2. The committee, at their absolute discretion, may approve commercial sponsorship arrangements including the placement of commercial logos on club equipment, clothing, racing kit, the club website, and any other Club collateral in return for financial or other support given by sponsors to the Club.  Any agreements made in respect of same and signed by the Chairperson and Treasurer acting as agents for the Committee shall be binding on the club.
  1. Subscriptions
    1. Subscription to Waterford Triathlon Club is by means of:

$1                                          i.    An annual membership fee structure, the amount of which to be proposed annually by the outgoing Treasurer and carried by majority vote at the AGM.

    1. Where an annual membership fee is mandated by the AGM in accordance with this constitution, failure to pay such annual fee at the later date of 30th April, or within 60 days of membership application / renewal will result in the loss of membership of Waterford Triathlon Club.
  1. Resignations
    1. Any member wishing to resign, must do so in writing, addressed to the Chair or Secretary. The resignation will be considered by the Committee within one calendar month of receipt and will be held as effective on the date of tendering. Resignations will not be accepted if the member is financially indebted to the Club, and acceptance will be withheld until the debt has been discharged.
  1. Extraordinary General Meetings
    1. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Chair or Secretary within one month of the receipt of a requisition signed by at least [6] members stating the purpose of the meeting. At least 14 days notice shall be given to all fully signed-up members of the date, venue and purpose of an Extraordinary General Meeting. No other business shall be conducted at such a meeting.
  1. Constitution Amendments
    1. No Constitution Rule may be altered, added to, or deleted except at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose and then only by a majority of those present and voting.
  1. Financial Year
    1. The Club’s financial year ends each [December 31s]
  1. Quorum
    1. For Committee meetings the Quorum shall be not less than four members.

    2. For an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, the Quorum shall be not less than ten members.
  1. Notices
    1. A notice required to be given under this Constitution shall be sufficiently given if 

$1                                          i.    Published on the website of Waterford Triathlon Club or

$1                                         ii.    Announced in at least one local newspaper.

  1. Participation in Main Triathlon Race (Hook or by Crook)
    1. All members shall be entitled to participate in the Hook or by Crook Triathlon in their first full calendar year as a member of the club. 
    1. Thereafter entry to the race is only available by a lottery system conducted at the AGM. The rules of this lottery are as follows:

$1                                          i.    Any member wanting to enter lottery must attend the AGM.

$1                                         ii.    Whilst attending the AGM, the member must put their name forward to the committee stating that they wish to be included in the lottery.

$1                                        iii.    By entering the lottery the member understands that he must marshal at the race if he is not successful in the lottery.

$1                                        iv.    If the member is successful in the lottery he cannot enter the lottery again for a period of 2 years.

$1                                         v.    The place is not transferrable either within or external to the club.

$1                                        vi.    A maximum of 3 places in any given year will be allowed entry through this system.


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