Training Meeting November 2014

WTC training meeting 21-11-14

Regular training feedback?
1. Swimming
2. Saturday cycles
3. Running


15 In attendance = Margo O'Dowd, Fiona Holland, Stephen Butler, Alan Cuddihy, Vinnie Power, Shirley Ryan, Shane McDonagh, Martin Flynn, Trisha Quinn, David Power, Lenny Gindrichova, Ger Maher, Tom Casey, Ronan O'Brien, Elaine Mulan

All going well. No complaints/ suggestions

Need more people to come along for the Saturday cycle in order to cater for those who want to go at a slower pace and shorter distance. Current pace too fast!

First Saturday of each month to be a shorter/slower group. 
Route to be chosen beforehand with shorter options posted. E.g., A) to Carrick and back home on back Rd (Tinhalla), passed Portlaw; B) to Carrick, back rd to Lemybrien rd., then cut across through Newtown to Cork rd.; C) to Carrick then on to Lemybrien and back home Cork Rd.
Put on FB the night before. 
First = Dec 6th. Emmet to pick the first route (as per AGM).
Next = Jan 3rd. Vining volunteered to bring out beginners groups on this date.
See how the first one goes and they can be more often after that of people show up and are interested.
Ronan volunteered to do Sat Feb 7th.
Tom to do Sat March 7th.

All ok with just using the athletic clubs mon or tues eve runs. €3. Mon eves are at an easier pace.
5 at meeting are doing the half on Sat 6th.
Baldy Man race in Tramore (around sand dunes) is on the 28th Dec.

People were encouraged to use the forum on the website if going running/cycling - Say where you're going and when, so others can join you.
But, plenty said they don't use the forum. FB better. Better to set up a private members FB page that only club members see/use, rather than posting 'personal' info on a public FB page. Could David Devine set this up??


Club open day Sat 29th Nov., 12-3, Crystal centre. Gear for sale & orders taken. All urged to call in if possible.

Non members asking about joining. Easiest to join on-line while getting TI membership. €30 for first year then €20

Club night out is Sat dec 13th, Downes pub, city centre

Vinnie volunteers to do session on transitions in Springtime.

Difficult to get hold of! Gear will be available at the open water swims in Dunmore East from May-Sept. Also call on to open day to get gear.


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