Non Committee Jobs for 2015

We’ll be looking for new committee members for 2015 at the AGM next week. It can be a bit daunting putting yourself forward for these, with the fear being that you will get dragged into all sorts of other stuff just because you happen to be sitting in the room during a meeting and can’t think of an excuse quick enough to get out of it!

So in an effort to cut down on the work that the committee members (main & race committees) do and make the posts a bit more straight forward to volunteer for I’ve listed out the non-committee jobs that the club needs doing for the coming year. We will be discussing and allocating these at the AGM next week.

If we can get members to fill the non chairman stuff that I do I don't mind staying on as chair next year (providing I'm voted back in that is)

Some folks have already put themselves forward for jobs – I’ve put their names down against the jobs below. It would be great if you think you could do any of the other jobs for the club.

Website                                                David Devin

Facebook                                              David Devine

Training Meeting Chair                                  ?

Time Trials                                                  ?

Saturday Cycles                                           ?

Club Duathlons                                            ?

Pool Swimming                                  Helen Whyte / Brian Slattery

Open Water Swimming                        Margo / Shane / Martin?

Family Runs                                                 ?

Open Day                                          Brian & Katie Jacob

Texting Updates                                            ?

Gear                                                  Helen Whyte

Newspaper Race Reports                                ?

Club Race (booking houses etc)                      ?

Christmas Party                                   step up Gavin Quinlan

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