Thanks Everyone!

Last October we voted on a new club structure and set-up during an EGM. This was a fairly dramatic shift in the way the club had been run in an effort to make it more transparent, interactive and generally more craic. With the racing season looming, people starting to dust off the TT bikes and see if they can squeeze into last season’s tri suit, I reckon it’s as good a time as any to take stock of what’s been achieved by everyone over the last few months. The main changes and improvements have been:

Training meetings: These are open to everyone and have been happening every month or 6 weeks. We’ve got both member feedback and lot of stuff organised as a result of them

Cycles back to their best: We’re getting up to 20 or so on the Saturday cycles with a good mix of abilities. The 1st cycle of every month is especially beginner friendly. It’s important that people get involved before racing season kicks off with the inevitable fall off in numbers when people start using their TT bikes

Group Swimming: This year is first time we have had three group swims a week, I think everyone will agree that Eoin & James are doing a great job with coaching (I’m hoping this praise will make them go a bit easy on us next week!!)

New committee members: Peter & Emmet have been doing great work behind the scenes as our new Treasurer & Race Director – stand by for some serious race news from Emmet over the next few weeks! That said they are standing on the shoulders of giants having taken over from Olive, Michael & Martin K, all of whom we owe a debt to for their work over the previous years.

So anyway, I’d just like to a huge thanks to everyone in the club for putting the shoulder to the wheel and improving things over the last few months and putting the fun back into the club – lets keep it going  

As always if anyone wants to chat about how things are going my phone is always on! (or even better, join me for a run in TramoreJ)

Yours in sport

Brian Slattery

Chairman WTC

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