Training Meeting 03.03.2014

We had a training meeting last night in Splashworld after swimming (to get a different perspective on things from the last few in the Crystal). I'll put everything requested on the calendar over the next few days, if anyone else can help out with the bits and pieces don't be shy! - Maybe some of our younger more tech savey members could help with a good group text system. Thanks to Elaine for chairing the meeting

WTC training meeting 03-02-14

Regular training feedback?
1. Swimming going ok?
2. Anyone running with club sun am? Any interest in track/speed/hill running?
3. Cycling training? Are women cycling? Where? When?
Training events
4. Aquathon on a sun am in April in Crystal pool
5. Bike fit session with Martin Kirwan? 90mins ea
6. Portlaw woods run & coffee morning chez moi?
7. Tramore beach run & coffee morning in surf centre?


Number present = 14
Karen power, Helen doody, david Moran, Margo,O'Dowd, Martin Flynn, Elaine Mullan, James mullally, Bernie Mockler, edwina butler, Mary Clare power, Sinéad Flynn, Mary O'Donnell, Nigel OSullivan, Shane McDonagh

Positive feedback all round re swimming.
Will there be another session of Monday nights?
All present are keen to extend until mid/end of May.
ACTION: keep the mon night swimming sessions going after this one ends in 2 woks time.

No one doing club running. 
All interested in speed/intervals etc. weds would suits some.
Suggestion to piggy back on Carrick Tri club's running sessions with James o'sullivan on tues at 1830 on outer ring rd.
ACTION: We'd like a week night speed/interval session for our club.

All commented that club cycling is quite intimidating for newbies/less fit members (acting chair can testify to the blistering pace!). While all were aware that no one would be left behind, no one want to be the person who has to be 'minded' by another, faster member, thus ruining that person's session.
Need a group together at the same level. 
ACTION:Make the first sat/sun of each month the beginner/intermediate cycle.
ACTION: Do a group text to alert about this. Don't just FB or www. Lots of people miss these messages. 
Important to say to people that unless beginners/intermediates turn up in sufficient numbers it won't happen.
Or group text to alert to a posting on the forum.
Also, women can try Rolf's/Waterford Cycle Centre's women's only cycle group on Sunday mornings. 

All informed. Again a group text about this would be more helpful that FB/www postings.

Mary Claire Power, David Moran & Sinéad Flynn interested in the bike fitting sessions with Martin Kirwan.

All interested in a run Portlaw woods (start at 10am, tea in my house afterwards). 
ACTION: if it suits, I can do this on sun 9th (next wknd). Sent text alert!!

All interested in doing another/more Sunday runs around sand dunes in Tramore with tea/coffee afterwards in surf club. People,wondered why there hadn't been another since the first?
ACTION: pick a date for another one!

Kilkenny Tri = 19th July. Will there be a group discount??

Are there any Tri plans available for various Tri distances available that could be put up on the www for people to follow??
ACTION: put some on website!!

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