Help Wanted.....

Due to work and family commitments Helen is unable to be the race director for next year’s Hook or by Crook Triathlon as had been agreed at the AGM, so that means we are looking for someone else to step up to the plate and be race director.

Helen has already submitted everything required with Triathlon Ireland for the race to be sanctioned and scheduled so a decent portion of the admin work involved has already been done. What remains will involve agreeing the race committee, chairing the meetings, project managing the race and all remaining coordination with TI.

We have had a lot of offers of help with various jobs on the race committee (all of which are greatly appreciated), but it would be best to sort out the director’s job before these are finalised.

Helen has said that she will help out whoever takes the job over the phone as much or as little as they want. If anyone wants to chat about what’s involved in the race directors job in more detail just give myself or any of the previous race directors (Helen or Olive Costello) a call.

Given that we have not got a race director for the ladies only race yet it, and it might be a good plan for two people to take the director’s jobs at the same time and work as a team given that the two races are very similar – that’s just a thought though!

There’s a triathlon Ireland race organisation and refereeing course on in February so we really need to get someone in place by then.

Remuneration will be the eternal gratitude of your club mates (and a weekend away in a midrange hotel of your choice ;-))   

Hope to hear from you soon! (my phone number is on the contact page of the website)

Yours in sport

Brian Slattery

WTC Chairmanimages

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