Hello All

I think we can all agree that the club has been going a bit stale over the last couple of years. There have been a few reasons for this and we all have our own opinions as to why (Ironman, too few people on committees, too many people on committees, Babies, the cost of lycra… you get the picture).

A couple of months ago I began consulting with members of the club through emails, phone calls, conversations during training, basically anyway I could in an effort to get ideas on how we could turn things around and get a bit craic going again. As part of this we also did a survey of all members over the last few weeks.

The good news is that I was genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and great ideas about how we could improve things (almost as overwhelmed as I was when I got my phone bill last month!!) There were also few home truths said to me that had to be said from lots of people, but that’s all good as well – these things are better out than in and I’m big and bold enough to take them on board.

But enough waffling from me, I’ve tried my best to compile and collate as many of the ideas together and form them into a plan. This plan will need some new structures within the club to be implemented, if everyone gives a little of themselves not only will we have a much better run club but also everyone will feel more involved in the running of the club.

The new structure I’m proposing for the club is as follows:

  • Main Committee – Chair, treasurer, secretary, children’s officer & marketing officer
  • Race Committee – Race director, 6 x race officers (positions to be explained in detail on the night)
  • Training and Racing Forum – this will be a monthly meeting to discuss training. It will be open to anyone to attend and give their thoughts on training and / or races. Training and races will be organised in this forum. It will allow for a lot more members to get involved in the running of the club than is the case currently.

A rep from both the race committee (usually the race director) and one from the training forum will attend the main committee meetings when they are held.

We had a provisional meeting of the training forum this week to kick things off for winter training, although it felt like a bit of a talking shop on the night we got through a bit – I’ve attached the minutes for you to look at. The minutes from these meetings will be posted after every meeting.

The other major issue raised both in conversation & from the survey was members entering the Hook or by Crook race. It’s one we have just let rumble along relatively loosely for the last few years and now is the time put it to bed once and for all.

I feel the only way to give these fairly dramatic changes to the club the time they deserve to be voted on and discussed is by means an EGM (as opposed to squeezed in with everything else at the AGM), so I’m proposing we have on the 9th of October.

Agenda for EGM

  • Introduction
  • Review of member’s survey and suggestions
  • Description of proposed new club structure
  • Voting on new structure
  • Discussion on members entering Hook or by Crook, presentation of member’s suggestions & Triathlon Ireland Report from this year’s race
  • Voting on binding procedure for entering race

Date Wednesday the 9th of October

Time: 19:30

Venue: Waterford Crystal Pool Centre

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope I’ve outlined my ideas for the EMG here, if you want to have a chat about any issue in it just give me a call in the meantime. Hope to see you on the night.

And lastly I would ask everyone coming to remember while they’re packing their rotten fruit and eggs to fling at us on the committee that everyone that sits on the committee does so in a completely voluntary capacity and we are only trying to do our best for the club……..and this is only our hobby and it’s supposed to be FUN J

Yours Sincerely

Brian Slattery

Chairman Waterford Triathlon Club


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