Waterford Adventure Race 2015

Chelley, Martin and Elaine’s big adventure

Congrats to Chelley Brennan, Martin Flynn and Elaine Mullan who did different versions of the Waterford Adventure Race on Saturday.  Chelley was 2nd woman overall in the ‘Sporty’ race, Martin was 3rd man in his age group in the ‘Elite’ race and Elaine was 1st woman in the (extra long) duathlon.

All races did an 11k run from Cappoquin, up through Glenshelane Woods to Melleray Grotto Rd., back down the Cappoquin rd, then in through the Cappoquin Estate back to Cappoquin.  Then all headed out on the bikes along the N72 toward Lismore for a few K before turning left for 20k of uphill cycle to the Vee. Very scenic but VERY windy!  The ‘sporty’ and ‘duathlon’ then did a 3k, off-rd run down to Bay Lough and back up, while the ‘Elite’ crew did a 3k run up and down Sugar loaf mountain.  All got back on the bikes then for a 10k descent back to Lismore.  Next, the ‘sporty’ and ‘elite’ people got into kayaks for a 4k paddle down river to Cappoquin, while the duathlon people continued on back to Cappoquin, the long way, via Lismore, to finish (10k’ish).  The ‘sportys’ and ‘elites’ then ran a 7k run back along the N72 to retrieve their bikes, before cycling the long way back to Cappoquin to finish – I was supping tea at that stage J

I’ve done all versions of the race over the years and would highly recommend it.  All proceeds to go the Cappoquin Development Fun and they provide great soups, sandwiches and cake afterwards – and lots of nice prizes too!  See www.waterfordadventurerace.com   

 Johnny Brennan, Chelley Brennan, Martin Flynn and Deirdre Chapman at the finish 2015.


 The face of pain: me, last year, probably at the top of the Vee!

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