Pre and Post Race Tips

Physio Tips Before/During the Race

  • Hydrate well in the days leading up to the race and avoid alcohol
  • 2 Days before the race – do no training but eat well - don’t change what you would regularly eat, just eat slightly more. You wouldn’t put diesel into a petrol car before a big journey so stick with what your body is used to!
  • The day before the race go for a 10min swim, 10-15 cycle followed by a ten min run to wake up the body for the following day – then take it easy for the rest of the day – don’t clean the entire house, cut the grass or spend the whole day shopping in town! Eat normal to light meals and don’t eat late in the evening e.g. after 7pm or so.
  • Get adequate rest
  • Don’t cram in extra training- you will just be tired!
  • Try to warm up before the race as more blood will be pumping around your body to you working muscles and you will more ready for action!
  • Do not wear new running shoes for the first time as you may be at rest of blistering
  • Do not wear any new item of clothing for the first time for fear of chafing
  • Do Dynamic Stretches pre-race (no static stretches)
  • If you are carrying any injuries please seek the advice of your Chartered Physiotherapist in helping you be fully race fit on the day.
  • During the race try to keep at the pace you have been training at .
  • Swim steady, calmly and use long steady even strokes and look up very regularly to make sure you don’t swim in zigzags. Avoid “overkicking” with the legs, as you’ll need your legs more on the bike and run.
  • As you get out of the water tug the neck of your wetsuit to allow some water to get into the wetsuit- this will enable it to slide off more easily.
  • When you are getting to the end of the bike, try to drop to a lower (easier) gear and let the legs spin. This will help you when you go to run as the muscles will be better prepared. Make sure you aren’t grinding hard to the cycle finish as your legs will be very heavy on the start of the run
  • Do not do a sprint finish at the end unless you are racing for first place – sprinting at the end of all that usually ends up in either pulled muscles or very sore legs the next day – strong steady and comfortable all day is the way to a good time …….

Physio Tips After the Race

  • Hydrate and eat well immediately after the race
  • Get adequate rest- don’t get in the car for a long journey without some rest
  • Avoid alcohol as it will only further dehydrate you
  • Try to cool down and statically stretch all muscle groups after the race as you will recover faster and not feel as stiff and sore if you do!
  • Perform ice baths if it safe to do so as this will help minimise some of the small bleeding that may occur in your muscles fibres following the exertion of the race. Jump back into the water at the end of the run (after you have handed in your timing chip!), it will cool you down and also help in your recovery. Try to do perform some gentle stretches in the water if possible.
  • Use the foam roller to roll out any tight chinks in you muscles, this will feel great after a hard race.
  • Congratulate yourself and enjoy the achievement of finishing the race! Well done!
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