How much does membership cost?
Membership of Waterford TC costs €30 per year. The membership year runs from January to December, i.e. aligned with the Triathlon Ireland calendar year. There are additional costs associated with some of the training sessions, however as you'd expect attending these is optional.

What happens if I join during the year?
If you join in say March, the following year's membership is still due in January. Members are welcome to join/renew at any time. However one gets more value for money from joining early in the year, as membership fees are used to subsidise some training sessions.

What do I get for my membership fee?

You become a member of the club which entitles you to subsidised training sessions (where there is a cost associated with it), expert advice (where there is an expert available!) and club gear (which is ordered during the year and is of excellent quality).  The club also host open days, training days, training races (!) and various other events that require funding; both new and existing members benefit from these days.  In short though - the club funds are spent on its members

Note that WTC membership does not include membership of Triathlon Ireland - that's separate but is a requirement of club membership.

What is expected of me as a club member?

You expected to abide by our club code of conduct, marshal at club events as required but mostly you are expected to get involved in training sessions and have plenty of fun!

What happens when I join?

Once you join you should go along to the next training session that suits you and tell whoever is taking the session that you are a new member – they will take it from there.

You should also get a call from a member within a month or so welcoming you to the club (we have a procedure in place for senior members to give newbies a call). If you don’t get a call or would like to talk to someone before then just give a committee member a call – we love talking about triathlons so will be more than happen to talk to you!

Can I take part in any sessions before I join and become a member?
Absolutely! Indeed we recommend that prospective members come along to some of our bike/run sessions at the weekends and see if it's for them.  Similarly, there is a beginners weekly swim session that caters for new members and beginner swimmers. Our insurance covers us for guests a sessions so you have no worries in that regard just be sure to tell a member that you are attending as a guest.

We also hold training duathlons over the winter and these are ideal events to try and see if the shoe fits before you commit to anything long term.  Keep an eye on our website / facebook for details of these events.

It’s in your hands though; Be bold and come along. You will enjoy yourself and meet many new like minded people!

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